Quid Novi? | Old Habits Better, New Habits Stronger

What's up this week? Well, I am currently working on an developing new productive habits and strengthening old ones. And I'm doing this in stages, first working on base routines, then building onto those already solidified as the basics become familiar and rote.

I'm doing well on that so far, but it will take many weeks at each stage of a given habit's development. That's because my experience has shown that habits often have many components, so can be complex and much harder to fully instill all at once.

So my goal is to improve what routines I need more regularity in performing, so that it will take an exertion of will to not do them, good habits over bad.

My non-psychic prediction is that this will be a net good for me, my online venues, and my output as a writer, artist, and student.

We shall see... We shall see.

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