Caturday's Astrophenia | Hello, Cool World!

I'll minimize on text this fortnight, instead presenting the first video update from my YouTube channel. Enjoy! As for the look for the video, it's from a neat little pencil drawing effect that comes with the app I used to record it, Apple's Photo Booth.

The Astrognuz:

How Will NASA Find Life on Other Worlds?

Soonish, A Book About Science Making Things Better and/or Worse

Warped Meteor Showers hit Earth at all Angles

Cassini Reveals the Strange Shape of Saturn's Moon Pan

The Future of Space Colonization: Terraforming, or Space Habitats?

If We Assume Global Warming is a Hoax, What Should We Expect to See?

SETI Institute Celebrates International Womens' Day 2017

NASA Mars Orbiter Tracks Back-To-Back Regional Storms

Are Fast Radio Bursts Evidence of Alien Activity?

Scott Pruitt, Head of EPA, Doesn't Think Carbon Dioxide is the Main Driver of Global Warming

Big Picture Science Radio Show | What Have You Got to Move?

NASA Mission Named Europa Clipper

Exploring Titan with Aerial Platforms

No, Aliens Haven't Invaded Saturn, It's Pan, the Flying Saucer Moon

Where in the Worlds Has the SETI Institute Been? March 6-21, 2017

Ancient Stardust Sheds Light on the First Stars

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