Caturday's Astrophenia | 2017.03.04

Namaskar. The last couple of weeks have been spent getting the house in good order for the return of the Parental Units on 2017.02.28 and catching up on study.

I'm making more progress in Bangla vocabulary, doing better than expected after a delayed retrieval practice session almost a week after originally scheduled. Recall of the material was reliable, with further sessions scheduled for the next few weeks, spaced out for better reinforcement of both recall and comprehension. And did I mention pronunciation as well? That too is much better than it was, not quite as bad as that of a stereotypical foreigner in a Bengali comedy film. I think I've pretty much nailed my use of dental vs retroflex consonants. It's not that easy for Ingreji-speakers like me to tell them apart, not at first, and getting it right requires much listening and practice.

I'm working on my third book project, having just finished the draft of the main text with more work on the introduction before editing, proofing, and final rewriting, then formatting the manuscript for uploading. It'll be ready for publishing prior to April. I'll announce details when I finally decide on a title and subtitle for it!

I've published my second book, Echoes of Forsaken Galaxies, an anthology of short-short stories from various online venues, all updated and rewritten for this volume. You've probably noticed the serialization on this blog of my first book, Dirge. I'm in the process of updating that book for a second printing, adding material, correcting any lingering issues, and generally making it a better read.

Echoes is available on Amazon here:

What drives the monstrous Broogh in their vast Flow across the galaxy? Just what sort of salvation do the ancient Dinathog-Trulg offer to those to be "saved"? What of a lost pack of werewolves on a quest for vengeance in a strange valley? This anthology contains short speculative fiction by the author published elsewhere online set in a variety of universes and diverse genres and styles.
Do check back in a couple of weeks, when I'll be augmenting this post with a regular 3-5 minute video update via my YouTube channel!

May you all have a festive weekend, and a great week ahead!

Tf. Tk. Tts.

The Astrognuz:

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Imagining Your Future: Planetary Science Vision for 2050 Workshop

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