The Mews & Lynx Roundup | New Year's Day 2017: Dawn of the Fluffy


Today's graphic header features the bigger and fluffier of my boys, Ricky, oh, yes, and a fractal, of course! I've been playing with the idea of using several different headers for each series on this site, just to mix things up, vary and liven them up a bit.

Last week wasn't bad as things go, though I didn't get as much study in as hoped. There has been more reading, and I picked up a good English translation of classic Tamil poetry to quietly pass the tail end of 2016.

There's some hope for next year, with challenges ahead, but that's good, and to be expected while living in what doesn't seem to be the best of all possible worlds. But this is the world we have, not the world we want. It's up to us to make it that way. But no matter who sits in the oval office, or in the high castle, "change doesn't come from above," as our 44th president has recently put it. It's up to us to be that change.

There are definitely interesting things ahead, for better or worse, so let's try for the better. I'll try to keep the candle burning, and maybe, just maybe, brighten things up on my end.

naan pooyittu varaenga.

The Blogs:

What fun can a skeptic have waiting in her spam folder? Here are some amusing little gems in 'The reality is that Catherine is freakish..." | Doubtful, on Sharon Hill's blog.
In the not so-distant future, the hand-crafted goods industry blooms with the advent of affordable automated labor...How might that turn out? Here's one answer in Sci-Fi News Network 2074: The Explosion of Bot-Based Entrepreneurship | S.A. Barton: Seriously Eclectic
Ring out 2016, ring in 2017 with #CatThursday Wishes for a Happy New Year #cats | The True Book Addict
2016 has been hard on a lot of us, with our family starting with the death of our Maine Coon Rocky, going progressively downhill from there with the deaths of many others not so feline. Here's With Apologies to Keith Richards | windupmyskirt.
Here's an interview with a talented young writer, on Indie Adda, so please welcome Diva Dev and her first book, Chinky Pinky the birdie adventure.

    The Mews:

    Do some websites sensationalize science, distorting it in the process? Without a doubt, and Doubtful News discusses one such guilty party to delete from your bookmarks with Mother Nature Network Twists the Science to be Scary.
    Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, shows some fascinating Super Hi-Res Images of the Moon from Thierry Legault and Damian Peach.
    The Friendly Atheist counters a recent Daily Mail hatchet job, in Snopes Remains a Credible Fact-Checking Site.
    A new fossil find, expanding the known reptiles of the Middle Triassic with the ancient Armored Coastal Crocodile Unearthed in China...
    Pseudoscientific gadgets don't work, and the results can be unpleasant in high-stakes situations! Shark-Repelling Device Dramatically Fails Real-World Test.
    Not only media celebrities died this year, but here are some deserved celebrities of science with Gone in 2016: Ten Notable Women in Science and Technology...
    Sometimes, someone comes along and changes everything. Conservatives in any institution hate that, and here's the woman who did it for gender roles in science, so, meet Mary Somerville, The Brilliant Woman for Whom the Word 'Scientist' was Coined.
    Because apparently, conspiracy theorists have nothing better to do with their time, here's More Silliness on What Silly People Claim NASA 'Hid' from Us This Year! A Borg Cube? Seriously? I'm still wondering why it's taking so long for my shill cheque to come in from the Illuminati....Sigh.

      The Lynx:

      One of my favorite surrealists, the late Salvador Dali, had created his own Tarot Card Deck. This is worth looking at!
      For the Browncoats among us, the FIREFLY Animated Teaser is Everything We've Always Wanted.
      I'll be going over these for the next few days on study breaks, with 25 Animations of Great Literary Works.
      New Kindle acquisition for the week: Tamil Love Poetry: The 500 Short Poems of the Ainkurunuru.

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