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This fortnight, I use a graphic header featuring the diabolical Mr. Eccles, and yes I'll be alternating these each time. Next time, this post features our female Gorgeous.

The last two weeks have been productive, especially over the previous few days. I've completed 17 math lectures so far, with some new techniques pinned down, with some extra time spent on languages and more books finished than I'd expected.

So I'll have to update my Goodreads status this morning, as I'm a bit behind on that!

I've created new fractal presets for MB3D v.1.8.9, while awaiting the arrival of the most recent update to the software when it becomes available. The release I've been able to locate, MB3D v.1.9.1, from January of last year, is a bit spotty in places, and missing the most recent formulas in its standard menu. I'll probably have to refine my search terms if something more recent has been posted. I have had some fun with testing and tweaking older presets using the current formulas, with interesting results. I'll post some of those later this week as I continue experimenting! 

The Blogs:

My friend Kate has posted  on her site, Books, Crafts & Pretty Things, REALLY excited by this...My Shining Light with Leonie Dawson
Steve Novella at NeuroLogica Blog discusses common problems in how we make medical judgements, from both providers to patients in Cognitive Biases in Healthcare Decision Making
The True Book Addict highlights Japanese author Yukio Mishima in #CatThursday - Authors and Cats (58) #cats
On windupmyskirt, some spoilers on prison shows 'Wentworth,' and 'Orange is the New Black' with Netflix doubles down on locking women up.
Ravens N' Pennies gives the highlights and low points of the previous year with Carpe Blogiem: 2016 - A Year in Review.
And finally, Stu Barton releases a new piece of short near-future SF with Flash Fiction: Under Ashes.

The Mews:

An overhyped 'find' in Peru, by alleged experts who should know better in Tabloid Pseudoscience Alert: Alien Claw.
An update and better explanation of an object sighted in Chile discusses A U.F.O. Does Not Mean It's a 'UFO'
Our nearest currently surviving relatives show some rather sophisticated technical skill, further eroding human conceits with Primate Tool Use: Chimpanzees Make Drinking Sticks
This might be worth a look if you're a Gmail user, an you may want to share it as well, Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited.
Tomfoolery at a prominent medical institution causes no end of embarrassment with Anti-Vaccine Nonsense at Cleveland Clinic.
Phil Plait shows a recent image revealing scads of those hungry matter-devouring critters, in Chandra Deep Field Image Reveals Thousands of Black Holes.

The Lynx:

What powers would be possible for the Master of Magnetism using real physics, assuming he had powers? 7 Scientific Superpowers that Magneto Doesn't Know He Has.
The host of one of my favorite podcasts gets an interview on another of my favorite podcasts on The European Skeptics Podcast | Episode #056 feat. Richard Saunders
Here are some of the real-world buildings that count as 13+ of the Most Evil-Looking Buildings that Could Easily be Supervillain Headquarters.
How did special effects get done before the age of Talkies in Hollywood? Here is How Movie Effects Were Done in the Silent Film Era
A handy guide to assessing questionable items that try to pass as real journalism, in what was once commonly known as tabloids: 8 Skeptical Tricks for Spotting Fake News
How would an instrument made millennia ago sound were it played today? Hear a 9000 Year Old Flute - The World's Oldest Playable Musical Instrument.

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