Caturday's Astrophenia | 2017.01.07

Vanakkam. This morning, there's a snowstorm hitting my area, forecast as a full-blown blizzard. We'll be safe, of course, as we've set up an evacuation plan if we lose power here, and thus lose our heating until power is restored. The neighborhood stray cats all have nice, cozy shelters where they can stay out of the cold, and plenty of food to keep their body heat up.

Things have been going well, so far. I'm engaged with a series of lectures on entrepreneurship, for those times when the lessons therein will be needed, and also in developing those other necessary skills as well for navigating both academic and business environments.

I'm setting eyes on taking online courses again, something I've only done once so far, and still studying Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali. I've also gotten books on the Slovene language and on mathematical topics that I'm still a bit fuzzy on. Those will be useful in the not-too-remote future.

I'm also collecting parameters, formulas, and other files used by my fractal programs, and updating my programs while continuing to practice working with them. At the time, I do not consider myself to have the skill level in making images of an expert, much less a master of the craft. I've only been making these images for a little over six years, and have had little time for the full, intensive practice needed to hone my skills to professional level.

But, in any case, welcome to the new year, which is bound to be interesting, in the sense of the apocryphal Chinese curse, no matter what happens. Let us hope to not merely survive, but to flourish as it proceeds even with the challenges it presents as events unfold.

That's what this blog is for.

Naan pooyittu varaenga.

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