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This is the first post in what I'd like to make a regular installment for this blog, generally biweekly but suitable for irregularities in my posting schedule as well. This edition's graphic header features my dad's cat, the evil but fluffy Willow the Pillow. Other headers for this series will feature the diabolical Mr. Eccles, Herr Rickmeister Fluffington, and our own female cat, Gorgeous.

I'm trying for a less minimalistic approach to roundups, with more commentary than similar posts on my old blog as well as fewer featured links. That's so it's less like its sister series, Caturday's Astrophenia on this site. Formatting here is less structured, and I hope, less daunting to visitors to this site!

So, featuring a few posts from some sites I follow, I give you...

...The Blogs:

Which starts with a personal post on fear and its consequences, from speculative fiction writer and essayist S.A. Barton, in which he discusses being Afraid of the Future, a condition I've recently become familiar with given the results of this year's election.

GURPS 4th Edition writer and GM Christopher R. Rice posts on a game session with his players, of which I'm proud to be a part, here discussing: Aeon A-Team S03E01 - Dead to Rights.
The True Book Addict here shows some delightful seasonal cat videos in this edition of: #CatThursday #Christmas - Week 3: Videopalooza!
Sharon Hill discusses one of the greatest social evils experienced by skeptics, that of Intellectual Arrogance - Belittling with "I feel sorry for you"
This links to a post by writer and poetess Freya Pickard featuring another of my favorite writers, Escape Pod Emulation for Sharmishtha Basu
Twin eZines, Agnishatdal (Full disclosure: I have contributed to it.) and its sister publication, Agnijaat are published on Amazon!

Then there are news items reblogged from skeptical websites, this week featuring Sharon Hill's excellent site Doubtful News. In future editions, I'll diversify the sources linked to, though links will still deal mostly with topics involving critical thinking, science, and skepticism, and weird factual claims. I'm also here sharing links to articles dealing with political or religious issues involving science, critical thinking, or skepticism, but not directly about politics or religion, as this is not a partisan political or anti-theist blog.

So, here is...

...The Mews:

The first aggregates posts a collection of solid content on some good skeptical websites, including Steve Novella's site NeuroLogica Blog, in the News roundup for December 14, 2016 via Doubtful News.
It did indeed come out of the sea, and may have been mistaken from the slithergedee, but what is it really? Goose barnacles still flummox people today with a supposed 'monster' that washes up onto the beach.
Once again my country's deeply scientifically illiterate federal legislative body embarrasses itself by uncritically tweeting demonstrable nonsense in Daily Mail to Breitbart to congress: BS all the way down on climate change
Tag me skeptical, but maybe this will actually be a thing on FB. We'll see how well this turns out: Facebook to flag and fact-check fake news.
It never fails to amaze me on the extent that people go out of their way to spread nonsense as mystery mongering sites rumble about Saint Helens eruption...
Hoaxing carries with it consequences, sometimes profound or dangerous ones, as when a UFO hoaxer fuels worry about an attack on Turkey.
The latest episode of Doubtful News' podcast is available here at 15 Credibility Street #5: UFOs over Turkey, and I ain't too surprised.

And just before the featured video we have...

...The Lynx:

The first of which collects episodes of Doubtful News' podcast on one page: 15 Credibility Street.
Next, this infographic shows the incredible, the less credible, and the more credible media outlets on the Web: A decent breakdown of all things real and fake news, but always bear in mind that credible does not equate to infallible!
The holidays can be rife with misinformation and fake news items, so here are 4 Facebook posts you SHOULD NOT be sharing over Christmas!
One of my favorite shows, hosted by performer George Hrab, with the latest Geologic Podcast Episode #491.
A peer-reviewed free essay written by the awesome Dr. Lynne Kelly on the memory-technologies of indigenous cultures who lack formal writing to record their knowledge, yet retain it flawlessly over vast stretches of time nonetheless, Grounded: Indigenous Knowing in a Concrete Reality.

Dr. Priyamvada Natarajan - Mapping the Heavens:

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