The Shapeless, Nameless Things to Come...

G'day, peeps. It's been a while since I've posted on this site regularly, but with the way I'm now rationing out my time and attention more, ah, conservatively (Is that even the right word, given my Lib political leanings?) and getting generally better at scheduling things, I'm now going to start posting at least once, maybe twice, on any given week on this blog.

Yay me.

Now most of you have with little doubt noticed the large number of video posts on this site, and I'll continue doing that sort of thing, but more sparingly, mixing that with more fractal image posts not shown on my Wordpress blog, and you'll be seeing more written posts and hand drawn pieces, now that I've gotten back into sketching my alien critters and assorted thingies.

I've got a bit of practice to do regarding that, to get my skills up to professional level, for my monthly webcomic of mad scientist dumbassery, The Island of Doctor Incompetto, which I'll be doing on my Mac's pen tablet instead of pencil and ink.

I'm also going to be using a version of my awesome kitten, Mr. Eccles, as a common meme on this site, along with his human counterpart and namesake, actor Christopher Eccleston.

Right now, I'm open to suggestions and guest-post submissions from you all as I decide upon a general theme for this blog, which I want to be a bit different topically from my Wordpress site.

Stay cool, and stay brilliant, peeps. See you this weekend.

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