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Gods of Terra Primer | Inaugural Post

Vanakkam. After recently rebooting the setting, I’m posting a series of primers on my Gods of Terra SF universe, mostly but not entirely focused on a small region of space known as the Local Galaxy. The universe is vast, both wondrous and dangerous, and filled with alien beings and forces ranging from benign to dangerously indifferent to the human condition. Here, great interstellar empires vie for power and the wavetouched, Childer of the Shard, struggle for survival and acceptance, while forces beyond human sanity gnaw at reality in the dark between the stars. Here there are worlds with cities made of scents, people with the powers of demigods, and ancient, monstrous beings with hearts of gold. Yet here, even those with mundane limits, skills, and talents can make their mark and change the universe forever. Here, even gods can die. In this series as a whole, I’ll offer a detailed picture of what GoTa is all about, and in future, posts detailing the basic precepts on which eve

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