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The Collect Call is my main general topic blog, leaning toward scientific skepticism but not being particularly bound by that many rigid rules of subject matter.

So here are the main topical entries for this site:

Cat Thursday: Hosted by the awesome Michelle Miller at The True Book Addict, this is a weekly meme featuring cats in a variety of ways, whether personal pets, lolcat pics, videos, or any other form of online media involving cats.

Caturday's Astrophenia: This entry features space and astronomy-related material posted on Saturdays, gathered over the fortnight. It presents links to the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, news and blogs from various venues dealing with astronomy topics. Finally, the post may include personal commentary by yours truly and often an astronomy-related video and/or webcomic like Xkcd, along with the commentary, links, and images.

The Collect Call's Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: This is the Collect Call's skeptical, science-y, and just plain weird news and updates feature. It includes personal commentary, skeptical news items, and features blogs from some of those I follow online. It too may feature a video with the commentary and links, and may sometimes feature blog stats, mostly those for this site and linked venues.

Fractal(s) of the Week(or Month): This is a sometimes very strange entry for showcasing new fractal images I've created. It ranges from featuring only a single image to several of various pixel sizes, though I've yet to upload any single image taking up more than 50 MB of online file space. This entry has been posted on other sites I own but it is in particular a feature of this blog. These are sometimes just images I do for fun, on occasion released into the public domain, and I’ll note in the post when this is the case.

Future Fluff: This is a gaming and fiction feature detailing the strange beings, technologies, artifacts, events, worlds, and other features of fictional settings I create. It's a sounding board to allow the things described therein to be better defined later with hard numbers and game statistics for use in role-playing venues by myself or others. Often featured are things pertaining to my Gods of Terra SF universe, but other settings may be used as well.

Eldritch Nine: This is an ongoing series of posts dealing with the more powerful alien beings who populate or have populated my Gods of Terra setting in the past, the present, and sometimes, the far future for those yet to exist. It includes information on the Nine who are One, my alien space-gods whose intergalactic Grand Civilization went extinct billions of years before the current era of humanity. I may here deal with their servants or avatars and other lesser manifestations too.

Mr. Eccles Presents: These are video posts on various topics pertaining to things of personal interest, on this site on any given day of the week or weekend. I title this after my diabolical young male cat, who's quite the adoptee, and the only cat I have raised from a kitten in recent years. Inspiration for this derives from skeptical blogger Kylie Sturgess's video entries on Token Skeptic titled "Little Kitten." Thank you, Kylie.

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