Projects du Jour

Here are outlines and brief descriptions -- one could even say terse descriptions - of all of the current and projected online projects involving my blogs and blogging activities.

"Lost in Translation" Series: This is an outgrowth of my study of three languages (Bangla, Hindi, and Thamizh), and ongoing creation of a fourth tongue (Soruggon, the lingua franca of my fictional alien humans, the Kai'Siri), in a series of entries, each detailing the meaning, closest English translation, grammatical properties, and where possible, transliteration in its native script, as well as a piece of poetry or microfiction in the language using that word. It'll be something like a "Word of the Day" entry where each featured word (or phrase) is explored in a variety of contexts.

Fractal tutorials: This is a set of posts detailing aspects or sets of aspects of the use of various apps to generate fractals, like those I feature on this blog, but countless others as well. This will include things I've discovered in my own explorations and methods I've discovered online expressed in my own words with credit given to the original source for their insights.

Selected Blog Post eBooks: This is a set of eBooks in PDF format for those without eReaders, compiled from blog entries over the indicated span of time that this blog has been fully active.

Project Logicality: This is a series, or a set of series, of posts discussing reason, rational argumentation, logic, and philosophical concepts of the nature of facts, logical fallacies, and knowledge, belief, evidence, and to the extent it can be found, what can amount to something very close to truth, but not real-world Truth™ of any absolute sort. I do not believe that that last is possible concerning contingent matters of fact.

Matters of Mind: This deals with mental health issues, particularly schizophrenia and related illnesses, from a skeptical standpoint. This includes skepticism of misleading claims of their nonexistence. There are some who proclaim that psychiatric illnesses do not really exist, and from my viewpoint as one with first-hand experience with such an illness, this is a dangerously delusional claim. I'll address instances of the marginalization of and stigmas toward the mentally ill as an advocate for understanding as well, and strive for that -- understanding, not reactionary bias and vested interest.

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