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MB3D55UTAA This is a skeptical blog, or rather, the blog of a skeptic, atheist, and poetic naturalist, and so deals mainly with science, critical thinking, and other of my interests such as writing fiction, fractals and fractal art.

 This blog is politically nonpartisan in its mission, even with my own personal biases and views which are complex and which do on occasion shift orientation on the political compass. So I rarely venture into political issues unless they pertain to critical thinking, science, or skepticism.

For the same reason, I rarely touch directly on religion and do not attack religious institutions outright, though the occasional misunderstandings of reality by religious leaders, like similar factual misstatements by political figures, needs calling out and critique.

 The focus of this blog's skeptical side is on claims and process, not beliefs or conclusions. I will never tell anyone what they ought or ought not to believe, or what party or candidate to or to not support for office. That is in fact completely out of my hands in any case. 

I am not particularly anti-religious, nor do I care much for party loyalty or ideology. But I do recognize certain doctrines and practices as dangerous superstition and magical thinking. Bad science and bad science journalism do serious harm as well. So do faulty epistemologies (theories of knowledge) false ontologies (theories of existence) and demonstrably harmful anti-science ideologies and pseudoscientific claims offered by politicians, religious leaders, cranks, crackpots, quacks, pseudo-intellectuals, media personalities, and so-called think-tanks which aim at harmful social policies for monetary, personal, ideological, or political gain.

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