Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gods of Terra: Hypershard Powers - Myria

I've been working on an idea for my science-fiction universe guide and sourcebook, Gods of Terra, and have come up with what seems to me to be intriguing -- the superhumans of the setting, Mirants, have abilities granted by what is known as a Hypershard, a sort of self-replicating alien artifact, an 11-dimensional extrusion of hyperspace that can spatially coexist with portions of a living human brain, nigh-intangible, and grant the owner the ability to perform supernormal feats by tapping the radiation of the so-called 'superforce' of string theory.

Mirants are hominids that come in three subspecies, Homo mirans mirus, H. mirans mirabilis, and H. mirans hyperii. Of these three, the first is the closest to genetic humans. I'll explain. There are...difficulties that most ordinary humans have if harboring a hypershard in their brain: the cognitive and perceptual fun-n-games resulting from having a fragment of hyperspace in your brain can drive you nuts, so Mirants, while being a different hominid species, and without any direct genetically granted superpowers, do have a different brain architecture than baseline humans, a modified brain structure that allows them to safely harbor a hypershard and use it without frying their minds. The modified brain architecture provides cognitive filters and neural cutoff switches that make using a hypershard's energies childsplay.

Now, a hypershard is self-replicating as well. When a human (including Homo mirans) sires a child, the hypershard in the brain of the adult (either parent will do)produces a hyperseed, which is transferred to the developing embryo, and matures as it does, until the age of puberty, when the brain-changes resulting from adolescence activate the hypershard and allow the use of its energies. I'm working on more details of this, and will be adding them to this blog as I go, so this should be fairly interesting... Fnord.

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